City of Columbus, OH

Neighborhood Safety Camera Systems (Surveillance and Wireless Back Haul)


MCIS, in coordination with SimplexGrinnell and the City of Columbus, has deployed over 100 wireless communication links for the Neighborhood Safety Camera project. The City of Columbus (COC) project includes closed-circuit television (CCTV) camera systems located across five (5) neighborhoods in and around the City of Columbus.  The project has since been expanded multiple times now totaling over 150 cameras.  The first expansion took place in mid-2012, which added several camera locations within the Livingston neighborhood of Columbus.  The expansion is on-going inclusive of design, engineer and building of licensed links at 18 GHz and unlicensed links at 5 GHz were utilized for the project. Deployment of equipment utilized existing power and light poles, as well as varying city owned buildings throughout the city.  MCIS provided complete design, installation, commissioning, and integration of all wireless equipment.